The exercise of this art he loved and begins

The same artists have forgotten that the direction of reflection is exclusively their own concern and turn to the reflection that preoccupies their theoretical mentor and advertiser. The latter discovers along the way that however enlightened he may be he does not exist either outside of the constructed or inflated presence of his artist protégés. And the moment is never far away when the artist stops enjoying to worry more about its promotion. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have theorists gallerists journalists writers teachers and everyone around them and undoubtedly they should also be recognized for their contribution.

But the history of photography is written by photographers and is judged by time. And this is something e-commerce photo editing that we should never forget because this way we will all become a little more modest much freer maybe happier and anyway more honest. Those who love photography and recognize its ability to exist as an artistic medium fear its exclusive connection to the subjects it depicts. This fear is more acute today at a time when the world abhors questions and mysteries and is attracted by the ease of the selfevident. If we go back to the first appearance of photography we will remember that it fascinated because it had the ability to bring to life distant places and unknown people at a time when the privilege of these narratives was reserved exclusively for travelers and writers.


This role is now filled and much more effectively by the moving image television and video which relieves photography of this purely utilitarian function. Very quickly however the photograph discovered its dominant function to this day as a tool for preserving the memory of the person who uses it. And it is poignantly interesting that this commemorative function of the photograph remains sacred today and no technological advance seems capable of undoing it. However if we reflect for a moment on what these commemorative photographs represent we will understand that it does not matter the subject they depict since all together as the main subject and at the same time content have the memory and emotions of the photographer.