Samsung Galaxy Old Picture Restoration

Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have a built-in “safe folder” function protected by Knox technology, which can open an additional file in the phone Encrypted independent space, without worrying about important information being easily obtained, can also “separate public and private” communities and instant messaging apps. Situation 4: When installing the APP, did you pay attention to what privacy permissions you gave?

Samsung_Knox Illustration_4_1 Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio In order to prevent the permissions in the mobile phone from being easily accessed by APPs from unknown sources, the operating system of the old picture restoration current smart phone will display the mobile phone functions or user information that the APP needs to obtain authorization one by one when the APP is installed and started. Have you noticed what access permissions these apps are asking you for? Especially for financial apps that involve sensitive information,
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you should pay attention to whether your private information has been “sold” by yourself unknowingly! If you accidentally give permission by “hand swiping” for a while, your personal data may be exposed or even “monitored”. In order to prevent users from inadvertently authorizing the APP to access personal information, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have thoughtfully integrated all relevant permission settings into a single “Privacy Privacy Administrator Permission Settings Table” function, which can list all APPs