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VIP members can choose to control and customize Ghana Phone Number List the information on the brands they prefer so the club is personalized and relevant to each member. If you’re a retailer Texts Clubs can be a great way to keep in contact with your customers and ensure everyone is easily informed of Ghana Phone Number List what is happening in-store. 3. In-Store or In-stadium mobile marketing with Text to Screen and Text interaction In-stadium and event mobile marketing is a great way to connect with consumers in a personal and fun way.

Whether you’re a sporting team engaging fans at a big game or putting on a live event for a few people, event mobile Ghana Phone Number List marketing offers a host of interactive options including Text to Screen, SMS Voting and Text Trivia. Text to Ghana Phone Number List Screen is a technology that allows cell phone users to send a text message to a short code and have their messages displayed on a screen, big or small. At your next stadium event why not get attendees to text messages of support to the big screen for Ghana Phone Number List everyone to see? Or conduct SMS voting with live results displayed in real-time? Alternatively, you could run a trivia game to get attendees to interact with you throughout the event.

The opportunities for interaction are endless. Many sporting teams including the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders use mobile Ghana Phone Number List marketing to engage fans at their games via a range of SMS marketing including Text to Screen, SMS Voting and Text Trivia. Fans at the games are encouraged to text to a shortcode to vote in polls, display messages Ghana Phone Number List on screen and play in-stadium trivia games. The teams also use their new list of fans after each game for their mobile database to keep supporters updated on upcoming games, scores and events.