Which Means That Monetization Will Be the Biggest

Which means that monetization will be the biggest problem for brand owners. The production cost of short videos in douyin requires shooting skills and performance skills, that is, the ability to use hands and brains is strong. This is also a big challenge for the operators behind it, and new special email list media operations require a full range of skills. At present, the short video of douyin is a recommendation mechanism, and there is no ranking mechanism, so it also increases the difficulty of operation. Douyin’s marketing position is not suitable for to b brand owners, so don’t think about it. Combined with the product positioning of your own company, you can decide whether you need a trial operation.

For douyin short videos, the layman sees fun, and the layman sees marketing. To sum up, the author has something to say: in today’s era of content that is full of pictures and texts, animations, and audio, it is necessary to implant a new visual aesthetic environment with creative short video apps like douyin. The two short video ips of papi sauce and office special email list ono are popular, isn’t it because of an original self-directed and self-acted short video every day? As a platform, douyin provides dynamic ai technology and audio library, decentralized operation, and allows users to actively produce content, which is very successful! As a new media operation, douyin needs you to study and learn its operation model and product design.

On douyin, there are topics to challenge this function, such as divine comedy dance, net red rice, drinking bowls, net red tea, haidilao ingredients, etc. As an operator, you only need to plan and brainstorm, and the next hit on douyin may be your product. What douyin needs to do next is to special email list sink high-quality content and cooperate with the supervision department to fulfill the social responsibilities and obligations of the platform. As a user, watch more interesting and interesting short videos and less short videos that are bad and unnutritious. Just rely on your own self-control ability, you can’t blame the platform when something goes wrong!