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So you told him to meet you at the Auberge du Canard Rouge or the Pub du Chat et des Marguerites, and he would meet you at the pub whose sign represented a red duck or a cat with a bouquet of Marguerites in its mouth. At present, these names are fun, folksy, and even whimsical. You don’t have to stay within the confines of real animals or even living creatures… maybe Coal and Goggles (coal and goggles) is a perfect match for your steampunk bar brand or you could target millennials with a name like The Blue Unicorn. If your business already has this type of name, a logo that represents its name in a literal way is a no-brainer.

You haven’t come up with the name photo retouching service of your bar or club yet, the adjective + animal option can be great if you’re looking for a fun, folksy, retro, or whimsical name. image of a dead rabbit lying on the ground, beer mug in hand Logo design by smiDESIGN drawing of a panda leaning against a barrel, drinking a beer Warm logo design by SuperBram Logo design for a pub, with a bear holding boxing gloves Logo design for a pub, made by BestMaxa round logo showing an image of an owl with outstretched wings Logo design for a nightclub in shades of gray, made by.

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RUTH-g icon of a rabbit with a fork running beside its ear Logo design for a restaurant made by hadymoody single-color image of a bird arching its neck and barking Logo design by smiDESIGN image of a pig walking with a cane, its glasses and round belly highlighted in negative space Monochrome logo design for a restaurant, made by brandsformed® out is above all having fun. If you are looking for the perfect nightclub logo, this category is for you. Just as many bar logos are successful because they depict the food and drink the bar offers, a successful nightclub logo will capture an unforgettable night in a single image.