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Strikingly is one of the website building platforms that offers the aforementioned features. In the Pro and VIP plans, there is also a membership feature. If you use this feature and work with Strikingly’s user-friendly editor, you can create a subscription area on your brand’s website. can become members by registering on your site. You can configure this feature to offer users a free or paid membership. If you set up a paid membership , users enter their payment or card details so you can receive payments from them each month. If your business is successful, this is a fantastic way to create a long-lasting, regular and reliable source of income. Membership Editor Image taken from Strikingly Here are the steps to create a members website on Strikingly. Look for “Public” in the left black box of your Strikingly editor. Select “Membership” and click the “Next” button. » Choose the registration method you want to offer.

You can choose between a free membership, a paid membership or a membership obtained by purchase. Level Editor Image taken from Strikingly Once you have this set up, you can choose whether membership is valid for a single area of ​​the site or for multiple areas. To do this, you need to create members-only pages. This means image manipulation service that only members of your website will have access to the pages behind the membership. Once you have completed these steps, you can test the feature by registering yourself as a member on your site. You will be amazed by the professionalism and style of the approach. It will look like an experienced programmer has worked for months on your site design. These days, creating a membership website is a way for many businesses to optimize their revenue and user payments.

This trend does not seem likely to diminish in the near future. But now you know that you don’t need a big budget to have your own subscription website. You can create it with just a few clicks and use it as a complete revenue stream for your brand. Of course, you must have sufficient knowledge to market your products and services digitally. But with Strikingly, some of the burden can be easily and cheaply taken away from you. Sign up for a free Strikingly account today to familiarize yourself with our platform’s tools and services. Build Your Reputation by Running a Culinary Blog 04/19/2022 / STRIKINGLY / CREATE YOUR WEBSITE eCommerceBloggingBlog Sites Culinary Blog Food is a common passion that people share regardless of their differences. Origins, cultures, fashions and environments don’t matter when it comes to food because it helps to bond people. By capturing high quality food photography and creating a food blog, you will be able to attract a particular part of the community.