How to find a good refrigeration technician

Are you looking for a Frigorista but are you having difficulty in recruiting him? Not sure how to find a good refrigeration technician? Have you Brazil Phone Number relied on recruitment companies, but have not had the expected results? In this article we explain who this figure is and what it does and the advantages of turning to Ricercaamy as a partner in the search and selection of profiles in the industrial sector.

Refrigeration engineer: It must be said that today young people are increasingly attracted to technology, innovations and the jobs that were once the most sought after as professional electricians, plumbers are having less appreciation. Young people who attend the thermo-hydraulic course can enrich their skills by specializing also in refrigeration systems, cooling units and this is where the ever-increasing search for the figure of refrigeration technician is born.


We are talking about technicians who mainly deal with large refrigeration systems that are found in restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, event spaces. The cooling circuit inside our homes has much smaller and smaller dimensions for household appliances, it is advisable to call other technicians ATECO code 6235 mentions: Repair and maintenance of non-domestic equipment for refrigeration and ventilation During the years, professional schools aimed at the growth of this figure were born. The fluorinated gases contained in refrigerating systems must be handled with care because they are highly polluting.