Charlie found himself trapped within a life sized chocolate

You may prefer not to write with a pencil, but the principle is the same for bloggers. What tools do you need to ensure you create? Disclaimer: You can (obviously) get carried away with this step, so be careful. I bring it up because it can be helpful to many writers. I’ve already mentioned Evernote, which is great for recording notes as you prepare content ideas. I also use a mind mapping tool called MindMeister for expanding ideas and working on projects with coaching clients. When it comes to writing your posts and publishing your work, get yourself set up with the free WordPress publishing platform and a design theme that works from StudioPress. Frame your writing well, make it readable, make it stand out to your audience.

Through your writing process philippines photo editor you’ll want to ensure that you write for your readers, and not for search engines, but Scribe is an indispensable tool for helping you gently tweak, and spoon-feed your content to search engines (as well as making connections with other writers in your business, and much more). You can also use Premise to help convert that targeted traffic you receive into email subscribers or buyers of your products and services. These tools (among others) take care of so much of the “heavy lifting” for you, so you can focus on writing. 5. Perfect your writing Roald Dahl spent an immense amount of time editing his stories.

Let me share a few things about his editing process you’ve probably not heard before, culled from a talk at the museum, and later confirmed with the museum’s archivist: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory This story was originally called “Charlie’s Chocolate Boy.” mold as the chocolate was poured in. He was taken to Mr. Wonka’s mansion as a giant chocolate gift for his son. While there, Charlie was able to see out of the mould but couldn’t move, and he witnessed a robbery at the mansion. The next morning he was freed and told Mr. Wonka everything. In return, Wonka gave him a sweet shop to run.