A lot of that’s just a natural-born curiosity of wanting

You realized that’s who you authentically needed to be to serve that audience? You get the kind of distinction I’m making? Demian: I think it was more — it was what I was trying to become, in essence. Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to become the best persuasive copywriter I could become. But I also wanted to become really smart about usability. to learn. But also at the same time, yeah, I wanted to be valuable. I wanted to bring something to the table that other people weren’t bringing to the table. So in essence, yeah.

That was for the audience. But it was philippines photo editor more about how I wanted to better myself, and then naturally just pictured, okay, so what are people looking for, and what can I provide that people aren’t getting out there at that moment? Does that make sense? What techniques help you come across as authentic in your blog posts? Jerod: Yeah, it does. So we’ve talked about some of these kind of big-picture ideas about authenticity, and look. It’s a big topic, and we could spend a whole lot of time talking about it. But let’s try and get into some more practical ways. So what are some more practical ways where people can actually — some, even, techniques possibly — that people can actually put into their writing to display their authenticity.

So there are quite a few things you can do, and something I want to mention. When you’re thinking about who you are, a lot of people, they don’t. That’s probably the major kickback. “I don’t know who I am.” Well then, you need to figure out who you want to be, and then aim for that person. For example, here’s a technique. A lot of people say, “What do you want people to say about you when you die?” Right? And so whatever that is, that’s how you need to live your life then, right? But then, outside of that, what it really means to be authentic, sort of the practical ways, it’s things like just relax. Enjoy yourself. What is it that you’re comfortable writing about? Write like you talk. Be courageous. Don’t use jargon. Definitely don’t try to sound smart.